Siege on Chow Castle
Siege on Chow Castle
SeriesZ Ball.svg
SagaKing Piccolo Saga
Original AirdateMay 25, 1988
Manga CounterpartWorld Domination
Previous EpisodeKing Piccolo's Wish
Next EpisodeConquest and Power

Siege on Chow Castle (キングキャッスルの攻防!!, Kingu Kyassuru no Kobo!!) is the twelfth episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred thirteenth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on May 25, 1988.


As King Piccolo prepares to attack Chow Castle, everyone is celebrating King Furry's anniversary, including Suno.

Goku intends to climb Korin Tower, to meet Korin once more. Yajirobe does not want to go with Goku anymore, until Goku mentions the Senzu Beans. With Bora's help, Yajirobe begins his climb up Korin Tower with Goku on his back.

Yamcha and the others arrive where Tien Shinhan is waiting. As girls hand King Furry bouquets, King Piccolo storms the castle. Things get ugly in the kingdom, even for King Furry. King Piccolo kills the commander and captures the evacuating king. Yajirobe finally nears the tower's summit.