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Hoodie is AssassinHood turned into a DBZ hero.

Senior Hoodie

Hoodie, after the fight against Data.


Hoodie had in his early years a black and silver gi, with a Yamcha-like appearance. After a few years, he now looks more like Gohan, has a black and silver cloak, with a dark blue shirt, silver armbands and belt, as well as a purple gi. He is always seen grinning, and has a scar over his left eye.


In the very beginning, he was very naïve, and always bullied. He then grew a angry and dark mood, staring evilly at everyone who even looked at him at a funny way. However, since the defeat of Rahanjar, he has become more relaxed, taking every bad situation with a cup of Choco, as well as becoming more happy.

Early LifeEdit

Hoodie was born at the Age 757 on the planet Vegeta. He was sent away with his family and friends at the destruction of Vegeta, and promised himself to never, ever, forgive an Ice-Jin. Since he was constantly being picked on in school because of his intelligence. Deciding to skip school, he was trained by his father to survive. His father left him in a forest, in order to give him a chance to survive.