Dragon Ball: Villain's Plotting is a story about Hatchiyack, Janemba and Broly as they plot to destroy the Z-fighters.

This story takes place 1 year after the Defeat of Buu.

Note that Janemba speaks the way he does.







One day, in Hell....

Ogre 1: "This is bad!! Hatchiyack is all crazy! Requesting back-up!!!"

Ogre 2: "Sorry! We're attacked by Bro--"

Ogre 1: "Hello?! Hello!!--"

Broly: "Scum. Did you really think you'd be able to defeat us?"

Broly steps on one of the ogres, crushing him.

Broly: "Janemba!! How's it goin?"

Janemba: " ït's Grät!! H@tchïY@ack?"

Hatchiyack: "Destruction of target...Complete." Hatchiyack says, smiling.

Broly: "Then let's get going!"

The three of them flies up, toward Earth...

Meanwhile, at Earth....

Goku: "That's good, Gohan!! You're strong!!"

Gohan: "Phuh! It's exhausting!"

Goten: "Daddy! I wanna fight! I wanna fight!"

Goku: "Haha! Sure!"

Goku and Goten start a battle. Goten charges at Goku, who teleports behind Goten, kicking him. Goten turns Super Saiyan, and they are about to charge against each other when King Kai's voice is heard.

"Goku. GOKU!!!" King Kai shouts.

"Yeah?" Goku replies.

"Something bad is happening. Gather the Z-fighters!"


"Right now, evil forces led by Broly, Hatchiyack and Janemba are heading straight for you!"

"Oh no!" Goku explains the situation, and Goku, Gohan and Goten sets out to alert the Z-fighters.

After a few days of preparation, three great forces are felt. The Z-fighters, excluding Vegeta flies there. Gohan powers up to his Mystic Form, and starts a fight with Janemba. Goten and Trunks are faced with Hatchiyack, and they fuse. "Ta-da, you freak! Taste the wrath of the Grim Reaper!" Gotenks says cockily, turning into a Super Saiyan 3. Goku sees Vegeta facing Broly. Before Goku can do anything, Vegeta crashes with Goku.

"Watch it--Kakarot?! What are you doing here?"

"Vegeta! We can't defeat him like this! We have to fuse!"

"You mean like we did against Janemba?! Forget it! There's no way I'll fu--" Vegeta soon interrupts himself as he sees Gotenks punching Hatchiyack repeatedly.

"Alright, let's do it!"

"FU...SION....HA!!!" They both shout in unison. They form Gogeta, who stares at Broly, smiling.

Suddenly, Frieza and Cell charge against Gogeta. Gogeta merely dodges every futile attempt, and fires a Spirit Shot against them both, blowing them away. Broly and Gogeta flies against each other,

The Ultimate Clash!!!

and their fists become the epicenter of a giant explosion.