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Bomb Strike
Bomb Strike Run Bomb Strike
Bomu Sutoraiku
Alternate names Bakukan-ha
Energy Punch
Force Attack
Super Charging Fist
Debut "Frieza Strikes!"
Inventor Cui
Users Cui
Class Physical
Color       &       (Cui's aura)
      &       (Explosion)
Similar Blast Fist
Double Strike
Heat Punch
Maximum Blow

Bomb Strike (ボムストライク) is a powerful punch that is charged with energy, used by Cui in Dragon Ball Z.


First, Cui prepares a red aura around himself and charges towards his opponent while flying, and then he crashes into them directly, inflicting a moderate amount of damage. Cui attempts this attack on Vegeta while on Namek, but Vegeta dodges it with the greatest of ease. Cui flies directly into a cliff on the Namekian hillside, blasting it to smithereens from the force of the attack.

Appearances in gamesEdit

Cui Bomb Strike UT

Cui prepares a Bomb Strike in Ultimate Tenkaichi

Bomb Strike was named in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, as one of Cui's super attacks.